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Life's a Sprite, and then you Die

So I’ve seen this poster a number of times on billboards over the past couple weeks and it bothers me for a number of reasons. Apart from bringing a dead rapper back to life in order to sell sugar water to kids, this just feels like an extremely clumsy attempt to glaze their brand with an “urban” street vibe, all while keeping it decidedly G-rated and politically correct.

But what annoys me more than anything else is that, in selectively quoting these rappers, they are missing out on the large, unruly and certainly un-PC demographic that is the internet. As Sprite is a rather large and very public entity, I understand that they are unable to print phrases that would potentially get their drink banned from supermarkets and upset the very parents who are doing most of the buying. So I’ve decided to do them a favor by creating a third party, internet-friendly version of their poster. You’re welcome, Sprite marketing team. I would say that this is how Biggie would have wanted it, but there's no way for me to know...BECAUSE HE'S DEAD!

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