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video production

Xmed advert

Duel Citizen was brought on to produce and direct this piece for Xmed, a new medical app, that was designed to provide informed medical advice to users, as well as social networking capabilities. We worked closely with media agency AXENIC in order to come up with a concept that would show all the unique features of the app while telling a story. 

Replicant advert/demo

For this project, we worked with the Replicant founder to create a short but relatable narrative that would demonstrate the power of their new artificially intelligent voice software in a real life scenario. 

reckless music video

This was our third music video with the Whiskey Shivers, and we wanted to see how far we could push things. Director Rob Wadleigh had this idea to build a spinning room ever since directing their first music video rough 5 years prior, and all the pieces seemed to be in the right place to make it happen. The rest is history :)

Desert & Denim recap

Every year, the good folks at Juniper Ridge put on a wildly unique trade show in the desert just outside of Joshua Tree. The brands that show up are largely small companies, represented by their founders in person. We got brought on to make this piece in collaboration with Candy Mountain Collective.  

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