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Rob Wadleigh

Rob WadleigH


Filmmaker extraordinaire, animator, funk pioneer, “the vision”. Rob got his first break while working in Austin, TX, where he crafted eccentric music videos for musical groups such as Whiskey Shivers and Wild Child. He has since worked on many more music videos, assorted video campaigns and he has even, as the saying goes, gone viral.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Rob formed Duel Citizen, a powerhouse, decentralized collective of glittering creatives with only one priority: execute fantastic ideas under one digital roof.

Alan Lopez

Ben bloom

video editor

As a head-honcho video editor based out of Los Angeles, Benjamin has spent the better half of a decade working on projects for a laundry list of notable clients. If you’re curious, they include Capital One, MTV, Dell, Pepsi, Verizon and many, many more. It’s a waste to even say more, considering the bangin’ demo reels on his personal website.

Ben Bloom

Alan lopez 


A self-described "polymath", Alan learned big, fancy words like that while studying the Psychology of Creativity at Saybrook University. Since, he’s moved on from co-authoring research projects towards a more noble cause: writing deconstructive, pop-art articles about Super Mario Bros. His words have been published on lots of popular gaming sites, including Kotaku, Polygon, and Nintendo Life, the latter which where he serves as a contributing writer. He is also the managerial editor at, a nationwide, moving labor marketplace.

Trisha Swindell
Trip Vest

Michael morgenstern


A veteran film maker with an eye for award seasons, Michael’s many projects - among them a Project Greenlight finalist - have been exhibited in over 70 film festivals internationally. Michael is versed in campaign creation, creating content for popular brands, app making, “art experiences”, and if we do say so ourselves, excellent Facebook posts.


Michael Morgenstern

Trisha Swindell

graphic designer

Need something photoshopped? Have to analyze your fonts? Trisha earned her degree in Applied Media Arts and Graphic Design and has just run with it: she’s finished various internships, poster commissions for cool events, logo designs, a university re-branding and much more. Working with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) in 2016, she was the Art Director for AIGA San Diego’s 21st annual design conference. She currently sits on the AIGA San Diego board and works as a graphic designer for Philips.

Chu chu tao

video editor

After a vaunted, six year career as a professional commercial editor in Taiwan, Chu Chu traveled to the states and earned an MFA in Video Editing. Today, she works as a professional video editor in San Francisco, where she edits together sharp, engaging content for clients across the country.

Trip vest

swiss-army engineer/designer/coder

Trip has engineered an electric car from scratch, a smartwatch at Olio, and created a fully modular, 3D LED display system. Impressed? Sure, he may have dual Engineering and Physics degrees from MIT and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, but we only brought him along because he’s bursting at the britches with dance grooves.

Chu Chu Tao
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